Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Why Use Magnetic Electricity

My mother got her latest electric bill and she called me on the telephone and said, “Son, our electric bill is over $400 again. I do not know what else to do.” My mother is disabled and she cannot afford to spend over $400 on electricity every single month. That money could be used for her prescription drugs or food. What would you do if I told you that there was an alternative to traditional electricity? What would your reaction be if I told you that there is an alternative out there that allows you to use absolutely free energy?
If you answered yes to all of those questions, you are going to be in for the shock of your life! Magnetic electricity has taken the world by storm. What is magnetic electricity? Creates electric energy without using external resources such as solar or wind power. Magnetic electricity generates its own electricity on its own and it costs absolutely nothing. Rewind, did I just say it costs you nothing? That is correct, this type of electricity creates its own energy by using a magnetic electricity generator. My mother does not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money on her electric bill anymore. She and others can generate electric energy in their homes for absolutely free.
What are the benefits of magnetic electricity?
1. Electricity generators work in every home and it does not take up much space.
2. Magnetic electricity can be generated in extremely hot and cold conditions.
3. Since a magnetic electricity generator does not use coal, solar, wind,or any other renewable or non-renewable source, you do not have to worry about wasting energy or money.
Here is another cool tidbit about magnetic electricity generators. You can construct your own zero point magnetic generator and it can power your entire home for free! What is a zero point magnetic generator? A zero point magnetic generator is another way of saying free energy generator. A zero point uses magnetic force to produce a perpetual motion. A device that uses perpetual motion produces larger amounts of energy by consuming less energy. In other words, it produces energy on its own, without having an external power source. Energy corporations that are greedy do not want consumers producing free energy and causing them to shut down indefinitely. The money you gave energy corporations for energy remain in your pockets, not theirs.
Electricity generators are very eco-friendly and it does not contain any harmful chemicals. By 2020, more energy companies are going to implement magnetic electricity as their main source of energy. The generators are also safe to operate and use. You are still confused about this new technology? “Is there a catch? I have to pay something.” You are absolutely right. You do have to pay something. All you have to pay for is a guide, so you can assemble your own electricity generator! For less than $100, you can eliminate your electric bill that costs the same as your monthly rent.
By the time 2020 hits, every household is going to have a electricity generator, supplying millions of people with free electric energy. Does that sound good to you? Be a part of the newest technological discovery, and get yourself a electricity generator. Magnetic electricity might just save the planet! Earth’s resources have been heavily abused, and magnetic energy will allow the planet to replenish all of the energy it has lost. One of the greatest technological discoveries in modern day history, magnetic electricity will change the way we look at electricity.