Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting Scheme Related Component Selection

Solar street lighting scheme: related component selection: 24VLED: LED lighting, LED lights, long service life, light and soft, the price is reasonable, can realize the scarce pedestrians at night time power regulation, is conducive to saving, which can reduce the battery plate configuration, cost saving.Each tile is about 80-105lm, less than 8804 light year & #; 5%; 12V battery (string 24V): selection of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, moderate price, stable performance, solar street lamp preferred; 12V cell plate (string 24V): conversion rate of more than 15% single crystal film; 24V controller: MCT charging mode, with power function (additional information (); 6M pole to handsome in appearance, durable, cheap price as a 40 Watt), alternative configuration (conventional)

1, LED lamp, a single road, 40W, 24V system;
2, the local average effective illumination to 4h calculation;
3, the daily discharge time of 10 hours, (in the late 7 – at 5 as an example)
4, to meet the continuous rainy days (5 days plus a rainy night before electricity, 6 days).Current = 40W24V = 1.67 = 1.67A 10h A computing battery (51) day = 1.67A 60H = 100 AH battery charge and discharge capacity, reserve 20%; lamp current in 2A above (with 20% losses, including a constant current source, line loss and actual demand of 100AH) battery and 20% reserved capacity, plus 20% loss of 100AH 80% 120% = 150AH actual battery for 24V / 150AH, two 12V: 300AH calculation of total group battery battery plate