Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Design a Floor Plan

Design a Floor Plan With Energy Saving Option

When energy saving is your main motto, then design a floor plan by keeping greenhouse in mind. These days, people go bonkers with cost-saving and energy saving innovations. The main advantages to these energy saving strategies give good result in the lower energy bills, when you have a well-structured green floor plan in your kitty. Let us see how different energy saving plans can be incorporated in a house plan.
First, replacing traditional light bulbs with LED or compact fluorescent bulbs which come with Energy Star rating would help saving energy in a big way. In this way, you can save good amount of money in electricity bill and it will add more value while you design a floor plan for power saving purpose.
Second, at the time of buying new appliances for your home, looking for the Energy Star rating becomes very important. Many appliances meeting the needs of the cooking with advanced features and performances are found from the market these days. When you have a green floor plan as well, then this kind of appliance can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, while saving money on your electricity bill. When you have electronic equipment in your house, which is actually not in use, then you need to be ensured to unplug them. Any old stereo, a DVD player, the microwave, the toaster and other electronic items consume energy, even when they are not in use. Thus, it is always best solution to unplug appliances when they are not being used.
When cleaning furnace filter on regular basis and using air condition and furnace equipment annually, it can help save energy and money. Choosing high efficient models meeting the demands of your house should replace other equipment. Using any programmable thermostat in order to regulate the temperature in your house would be helpful saving energy. Any kind of temperature control device allows you to adjust automatically the temperature of the house at different times of the day. For instance, during winter, home does not need to be very warm during the day as you’re out for a work; but, you need proper warming when you’re hitting the pillow after a long hectic day. This kind of programmable thermostat can easily lower the temperature at this point of time. On the contrary, summer season needs proper cooling for comfortable sleeping at night. In that case, it is to mention that a few degree of different can make a huge difference in the energy and gas bill. When you’re planning different stages of green house plans, then considering the natural resources would be highly important.